A Big Move & Lifestyle Change

So the time has come for me to say goodbye to Melbourne, Friends and at the same time an animal based diet which i am super excited for. The last 2 years in Melbourne have been amazing full of adventures and memories that will not forget for a long time… 

So here i am at Melbourne Airport with a Single bag of Luggage, the rest is in a truck and on its way to Queensland, joining me in under 24 Hours.

I have spent the last 2 months doing lots of research about Veganism, looking at alternatives, plant based recipes and finding inspiration through my favourite place Instagram. There are some amazing people out there creating the yummiest food with natural products which will help the planet in the long run and here i go to begin the journey. 

I feel so good about it as i have done so much research and there are also so many great Vegan cafes, restaurants and options in general on the Gold Coast. In fact I am going to be living above one so i am sure it will be my favourite place to eat but i guess only time will tell. 

Se you soon For some great recipes of my own, reviews on amazing places and in general how my Vegan lifestyle is going, and if you have any tips or you yourself are a vegan based blogger let me know. They Say Knowledge is Power right?

Jamie x


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